Chocolate Strawberry Studios - News and Recent Projects

Chocolate Strawberry Studios  News and Recent Projects

At Chocolate Strawberry, we believe in music as a force for good. We seek to work with businesses and organizations that make the world better

Executive Producer and Composer, Michael Shorr, in Guatemala, where he co-founded Asociacin Escuela de la Calle, a service organization for street children.



Chocolate Strawberry - making it easier to change the world.  
We provide resources to make it easier to change the world for the better.

At Chocolate Strawberry, we believe in music as a force for good. We seek to work with businesses and organizations that make the world better.

executive producer and composer, Michael Shorr, in Gautemala, where he started Asociacin Escuela de la Calle, a service organization for care for street children

Recent Projects

Art of The Song -
Song Analyst (featuring the Songwriter's ToolboxSM) segment on this nationally-syndicated radio show.  Written and produced by Michael Shorr.  Now broadcast weekly on 108 stations nationwide.

What Makes a Song Great
Interview with Michael Shorr  (link to PDF file)

Building Community

Be part of the doing what you love.

The sounds you get from Chocolate Strawberry are so fresh because we're 100% committed to having fun helping you prosper and creating a world that's better for all of us.

Chocolate Strawberry Studios is your personal musical chef whose mission is to help ecological and ethically-minded businesses get effective [great], innovative and fun sound for their promotional media.  Our world is in an enviromnetal and ethical crisis.  Green businesses are crucial and we help those businesses be tremendously successful.   And not only to we need Green business; we also need more humor, love and campfires.  Our goal is to make us all feel as though we just held hands and sang Kumbaya together.

Music for Children Fund
Michael Shorr, Board of Advisers

Street School, Quetzaltenango, Guatemala
Michael Shorr, Co-founder and U.S. Representative

University of New Mexico - Taos
Michael Shorr, Adjunct Professor of Music

Complements to the Chef
Client Testimonials

There is no doubt about our jingles effectiveness. After running our jingle-based advertisement for only three months, the number of new referrals doubled.
Gary Atias, Taos County Arc, Los Angelitos Early Childhood Development Center

After they play my jingle, the phone starts ringing!
Martin Ramirez, Owner, Town and Country Furniture

Mission Impossible. Who would ever be up to the challenge of writing and producing a jingle for a funeral home? Michael Shorr took on the impossible task of creating a promotional jingle for my business that conveys dignity and professionalism but also had the public whistling our funeral homes jingle. Our unique situation clearly illustrates that Michael treats each client with an enthusiasm and creativity that results in positive public awareness.
Tim Rivera, Rivera-Hanlon Funeral Home

Youre a genius. You obviously love what you are doing and it comes through in the music.
Ted Dimond, Dimond Mortgage

Put simply  they work! Ive watched Shorrline jingles build my clients businesses. If you want people to think of your business or service first, get Michael Shorr to write you a jingle.
Gerry Katz, Marketing Consultant, DMC Broadcasting

Everyone we know knows our jingle. And now that our name recognition has grown, weve seen increased sales. Were so well known now that even our retail neighbors give directions by saying theyre next to Taos Cyclery. Michael gave us exactly what we wanted.
Chad Welch, Co-Owner, Taos Cyclery

With Michael Shorrs jingles you definitely see the results in branding. People hear the first five notes and theyre hooked.
Russ Gregory, Marketing Consultant, DMC Broadcasting

Working with Shorrline Music means you have access to powerhouse musical creativity from Michael Shorr, a Berklee College of Music graduate. I would recommend Shorrline to anyone who wants to increase the impact of their advertising and grow their business.
Michael Yaccino, Owner, Brett House Catering

Michael is honest, hard working and deeply cares about his clients. I appreciate his integrity and passion for community-based organizations as well as his dedication to improving the health of youth in Taos. During the process of creating our jingles, Michael also impressed me with his ability to listen to feedback. He carefully noted our preferences and concerns and incorporated them into music and lyrics that captured the image and message we wanted. And to top it all off, Michael is fun to work with.
Janet Burstein, Executive Director, Taos Community Wellness Center

When Michael at Shorrline approached me about doing a music jingle, I was very excited. I had been thinking about doing this kind of ad and didnt have any idea where to go. I enjoyed working with Michael and since we started running our jingle we have gotten a lot of positive response.
Paula Randall Ervin, Randall Lumber and Hardware

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