Web Video: Help Mary Save Coral - After (with our soundtrack)

Green Team, a New York ad agency focused on reaching "Awakening Consumers", asked Chocolate Strawberry to create music for a web video about the research being done by Dr. Mary Hagedorn, a fish physiologist at the Smithsonian Institution working to save coral reefs - the "rain forests of the ocean."

The "temp" music was a simple loop - something commonly used in web video.  In contrast, Chocolate Strawberry approaches web videos as mini films - creating scores that develop along with the drama, intensifying the message and deepening the emotional connection with viewers.

After watching the version with our score, you can view the "before" video to compare them.  The "before" music has some cool qualities: it's watery and has a chill vibe.  But we found that ultimately this worked at cross-purposes with the underlying message of the video - a message of optimism and a call to action in support the promising work of Mary and her team.

Music Copyright 2007 Chocolate Strawberry Studios (575)779-9449
Video and Narration Copyright 2007 Green Team USA

updated: 7 years ago